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Birmingham School of Dentistry, UK



Course 1 Manikin Course - "Operative Skills" 

Course 2 "OSCE, Treatment Planning and Medical Emergencies

Manikin Exercise Practice Day*( ONLY open to students who have prevoiusly attended the 3 day manikin course at Birmingham)

Please note: Further course dates will be published soon so check regularly!


Building on success of previous preparation courses for registration with the General Dental Council, Birmingham School of Dentistry has developed a two part course to prepare candidates for the ORE and LDS part 2 examination: 

These courses will prepare candidates for all sections of the ORE and LDS part 2 examination. The tutors leading the courses are experienced undergraduate and postgraduate teachers at the University of Birmingham with vast experience in teaching overseas dentists for IQE and ORE examinations. The courses will be held at Birmingham School of Dentistry in excellent facilities. Each day will be hard work with traditional and contemporary teaching methods being employed. Students wishing to participate can attend either or both courses.

Course 1 - Manikin Course - “Operative Skills” 

This practical course will run over three days with a pure focus to prepare candidates for the “manikin exercises” of the examination. The course will include; background to the theoretical knowledge required for the examination, live projected demonstrations and most importantly hands on practice. The emphasis of the course will be placed on candidate practice and tutor feedback with a maximum of a 6:1 student/teacher ratio.

 All exercises that are outlined in the GDC guidelines will be covered. Each day is long and hard running from 9am-6pm with only 30mins for lunch to maximize practice for each exercise and therefore equates to 25.5hrs CPD. The equipment and teeth used in the course are closely aligned to those which are used in the examination. The course will culminate in a "Mock Examination" on the final afternoon which has proved very popular. The tutors leading the course are experienced undergraduate and postgraduate teachers at the University of Birmingham and the Royal London Dental Hospital with vast experience in teaching overseas dentists for IQE and ORE examinations.

Manikin Exercise Practice Days
*For those students who have attended the 3-day manikin preparation course at University of Birmingham School of Dentistry additional practice days have been organised in our clinical skills laboratory.
The practice day will run from 9am-5pm and be supervised throughout by one of our experienced tutors. During the day, candidates will be supplied with instruments and materials to practice all exercises covered by the GDC guidelines for the manikin examination except impressions. A maximum of 15 frasaco teeth (including 2 for endodontic treatment) will be provided. Lunch will be provided between 1-1.30pm and a total of 7.5 hrs verifiable CPD will be achieved.
Please note this course will only be conducted if there are minimum of SIX candidates attending, therefore it could be cancelled at late notice.

Manikin courses will be held in the brand new state of the art Practical Skills Laboratory

Course 2 - “OSCE, Treatment Planning and Medical Emergencies"

This course will run over two days and consist of three parts which are outlined below. Again the days are long and hard running from 9am to 5.30pm with only 30mins for lunch which equates to 16hrs CPD.  Actors will be used in the OSCE and treatment planning section of the course.

OSCE Practice Participants will have the opportunity to practice on a number of OSCE workstations and have feedback on their performance. There will be general guidance on how to face this part of the examination.
Medical Emergencies The management of medical emergencies and a revision of cardiopulmonary resuscitation using current guidelines will be covered with relevant demonstrations and the opportunity to practice on the “Resusci Dummy”. This interactive session will also give guidance on how to tackle typical viva questions on medical emergencies.
Treatment Planning The process of assessing patients, formulating treatment plans and generating treatment options will be covered together. There will also be guidance on how to communicate the information effectively in a viva. All participants will have the opportunity to have “live viva practice” and individual feedback.

Course Fees 
(GB Pounds)

Bookings are made on a first come first served basis, so book early to avoid disappointment.

Course I – “Operative Skills”  (3 days)

Course 2 – “OSCE, Treatment Planning and Medical Emergencies”  (2 days)

Course 1 and 2 (5 days)

Manikin Exercise Practice Days (1 day)

Prices include all course material, handouts, lunch and refreshments.  The link below will redirect you to the main University of Birmingham Shop, please complete the on-line registration and payment*

If you would like any further details about the course, local accomodation or transport, do not hesitate to contact us:

Carole Liston
Unit of Conservative Dentistry
Birmingham School of Dentistry
St Chad's Queensway
B4 6NN

telephone: 0121 466 5542

Vib Dabhi
Unit of Conservative Dentistry
Birmingham School of Dentistry
St Chad’s Queensway
B4 6NN

telephone: 0121 466 5534

Comments on previous ORE courses.........

"It was the best ever course i attended!" Srikala Abbisetty
"The course was excellent with clear demonstration and explanation of each exercise" Zeenath Shahnawaz (Cambridge)
Mock manikin examination - "Really excellent!" Asha Kashyap (Glasgow)
"Brilliant Course, fantastic teachers, I would highly recommend!" Kishalaya Mukherjee (Kolkata - India)
Treatment planning exercises "Excellent!" S Thalitaya (Birmingham)
"Excellent Course!" Arslan Saeed (London)
"The best course i have ever attended, i recommend it to every ORE candidate" Sandeep Vasireddy (Mansfield)
"The materials, instruments, models and facilities were excellent" Albie Ensulin (London)

* Please note that on completion of the registration and payment your application will be assessed and confirmation sent via email within two working days (more flexibility should be given around holiday time). There is a fixed cancellation charge of 10%, if cancellation is within 28 days of the commencement of the course a 100% charge is enforced.

OSCE Station

 All components of new ORE part 2 exam covered

Ultra Hi-Tech Patient Simulators 

 OSCE question practice and feedback

Live Demonstrations Under Projection Microscope

Extensive Course Literature 

 Treatment planning exercises

Personal Attention

Highly Experienced Tutors

Flat-Screen Task Displays on Every Unit

 Medical emergency training

Student Practicing on Resus Dummy

Dentaljuce - the perfect international companion for ORE and LDS from the award winning ecourse team at Birmingham University. 

Fully verifiable online CPD including General Dental Council Core Subjects, at an astonishly low price - just £79 (GB Pounds) for 12 months membership!





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