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BMEDSC  Welcome
Course Aims Aims and Outcomes Teaching Methods
Learning and Teaching
Exams and Assessment Timetables Reading Lists
Module Descriptors
Year 1
Introduction to Biomater...
Biological Sciences 1
Biological Sciences 2
Principles of Biomechanics
Properties and Applicat...
Anatomy for Biomaterials
Fundamentals of Materials
Polymers, Composites... Clinical Shadowing Assessment Schedule
Year 2
Cell Biology
Molecular Biology
Dental Biomaterials I
Dental Biomaterials II
Orthopaedic Biomaterials I
Orthopaedic Biomaterials II
Materials Engineering...
Microscopy and Analysis...
Immunology and Infect... Assessment Schedule
Year 3
Design for Manufacture
Advanced Biomaterials
Laboratory Assessment...
Biomaterials Applications
Interactions of Biomater...
Emerging Technologies
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BMedSc. Welcome

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