List LUTs and LUTs plugins

List_LUTs (java & class files) This plugin asks for a file (any file) in a folder where there are look up tables files (binary or text files as supported by ImageJ with a *.lut extension). The plugin then opens every LUT file in the selected directory and creates a new RGB stack (automatically saved as LUTs.tif in the "/plugins" folder) consisting of a LUT strip and (if selected) the name in each slice (the LUT name and the LUT values are also stored as metadata in each slice of the stack). If there are any corrupted LUT files in the folder, the plugin will exit.

look up table window

LUTs_ (java & class files) This plugin uses the RGB stack created with the plugin above (stored in "/plugins") and creates a panel that allows browsing the different LUTs and apply any of them to any of the greyscale images currently open. Requires ImageJ 1.35l or better.

dialog for LUTs plugin

Last updated on 7/Sep/2008.